Grant Making

Application Process – Online Submission

While The Parker Foundation has no application form to complete, a request for grant support must:

  1. In 3 pages or less (letterhead preferred):
    1. Describe the specific use proposed for the requested funds, including a description of the project or charitable use; the degree to which the project is beneficial to San Diego County; the number of individuals in San Diego County directly aided or affected by the project; and any other information which you may deem relevant.
    2. Describe the method by which the results of the project to be supported can be measured, and agree to provide The Parker Foundation, within six months of the grant payment, with a report on the measured outcome and results of the supported program.
    3. Describe other charitable organizations you partner with, outline other charitable organizations that provide similar services, if applicable (if so, how do you distinguish yourself from the other organizations), and describe source of clients.
    4. The grant request should be signed by the Executive Director.
  2. Provide (a) a detailed current budget of your organization, (b) a detailed budget for the specific project, including other sources of funding, whether committed, conditional or potential, (c) a copy of your most recent annual financial report (audited preferred), and (d) a Balance Sheet and Income Statement (Profit/Loss) for the most recent quarter (year-to-date).
  3. Provide a list of the Board of Directors.
  4. Include verification that the charitable organization requesting the grant is at present a charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and California Revenue & Taxation Code Section 23701(d); a copy of each determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax board must accompany the request.
  5. Complete Grant Proposal Cover Sheet (pdf), and include as first page of proposal (in addition to completion of Application below.)