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Starlings Volleyball Clubs

Starlings Volleyball Clubs, USA was founded in 1996 at Lincoln High in Southeast San Diego. From a team of ten girls, the organization has grown to over 1800 players across the nation. Last June, 119 teams gathered in San Diego for the 20th annual Starlings National Championships.

Starlings mission is to give every girl a chance to play. Club volleyball has always been one of the most expensive club sports, and the prices have skyrocketed in recent years. Starlings is a proven concept that has helped thousands of girls over the past 22 years. Hundreds of Starlings have earned college scholarships, while countless Starlings have returned to their communities after college to volunteer their time as coaches and mentors. Starlings offers young girls the opportunity to learn and grow in a positive teaching environment. Girls experience both local and national competition. Most importantly, Starlings programs reinforce the 3 R’s– Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships. Before each San Diego tournament, the players gather to hear a story of success from an accomplished San Diego woman. Coaches then refer to these lessons as they teach the girls about enthusiasm, teamwork, and persistence.

Recently, the San Diego Union-Tribune published this article about the club: San Diego Union-Tribune

Currently, there are ten different clubs in San Diego. With a $20,000 grant from The Parker Foundation, Starlings will be able to increase the number of clubs in San Diego by 50%.

Well done, Starlings!

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