Grant Making

Grant Summary

2019 Grant Summary



I. Cultural (16.78%)
A. Visual Arts (36.31%)
Lux Art Institute, to replace lighting system in the Artist Pavilion (12/14/18) $20,000.00
San Diego Art Institute, for new position of Development and Communications Manager and acquisition of a donor database system (12/14/18) $40,000.00
Museum of Photographic Arts, for a part-time Development and Prospect Research Assistant (7/24/19) $37,500.00
Media Arts Center San Diego, for accessibility improvements and a portion of the Facility Planning project (7/24/19) $20,000.00
B. Performing Arts (48.24%)
Sacra/Profana, for capacity building for the Executive Director position (12/14/18) $30,000.00
Mainly Mozart, for half-time Development Director (12/14/18) $30,000.00
Museum of Making Music, for the purchase of digital hardware for the renovated exhibition galleries (1/29/19) $25,000.00
Moonlight Cultural Foundation, to complete the transition to a new sound system (1/29/19) $25,000.00
DanzArts, for the Drums & Strings of the World theatre production (7/24/19) $7,100.00
Oceanside Theatre Company, for a part-time Executive Director/Fund Development Director (7/24/19) $30,000.00
Choral Consortium of San Diego, for renovation of the website to improve functionality, stability, and compliance with cyber protection laws (9/23/19) $9,000.00
C. Museums/Zoo (15.45%)
Committee of One Hundred, for the Preservation of Spanish Colonial Arches in Balboa Park, to support the reconstruction of original ornamentation on Balboa Park’s 1935 Exposition California State Building, now home to the San Diego Automotive Museum (1/29/19) $5,000.00
Fleet Science Center, for the San Diego STEM Ecosystem Initiative (7/24/19) $45,000.00
II. Adult and Youth Services (48.57%)
A. Adult Services (45.09%)
Center for Community Solutions, for Community Solutions to support a Major Gifts Officer and Community and Corporate Relations Manager (10/30/18) $60,000.00
LIFT Development Enterprises, for operating expenses (10/30/18) $5,000.00
Rancho Santa Fee Foundation, for two (2) Patriot Connection co-funding opportunities: 1) Vet CTAP ($7,500) and 2) San Diego Military Outreach Ministries ($5,000) (10/30/18) $12,500.00
Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank, for an inventory barcoding system for the food distribution warehouse (10/30/18) $40,000.00
Serving Seniors, for Supportive Housing program (10/30/18) $25,000.00
Kim Center for Social Balance, for Grow with Gender Equity study project (10/30/18) $25,000.00
Feeding San Diego, for Retail Rescue program (12/14/18) $40,000.00
Pacific Beach Street Guardians, for Case Management and Life Skills training program (12/14/18) $7,500.00
Christie’s Place, for the hiring of a professional consulting company to assist with the hiring of an Executive Director (1/29/19) $20,000.00
Horn of Africa, for East African immigrant and refugee community access health coverage and enrollment services (4/16/19) $15,000.00
Arc of San Diego, for renovations at The Sol and Ruth Gerber Family Center (4/16/19) $40,000.00
United Women of East Africa, for the UWEAST STEM Enrichment Program (4/16/19) $20,000.00
Women’s Resource Center, for the Alternatives to Abuse program (6/5/19) $20,000.00
Workshop for Warriors, for the salary of a Director of Community Engagement (6/5/19) $35,000.00
Armed Services YMCA Camp Pendleton, for a part-time Marketing Manager (6/5/19) $16,400.00
North County Lifeline, for Project LIFE, a human trafficking prevention and intervention program (7/24/19) $25,800.00
Lambda Archives of San Diego, for an Archival Fellow, Outreach & Education Intern and Manager, with ASL interpretive services (9/23/19) $15,000.00
B. Youth Services (54.91%)
Cesar Chavez Service Clubs, for Fund Development Specialist and Data Analyst (10/30/18) $20,000.00
San Diego Civic Youth Ballet, for bridge funding for a Development Assistant position (10/30/18) $20,000.00
Villa Musica, for new Development Manager position (10/30/18) $25,000.00
Students Without Limits, for At-Risk and Immigrant Youth in Crisis program (12/14/18) $15,000.00
Boys & Girls Club of North County, to support its Kid Included Together program (1/29/19) $20,000.00
Coaching Corps, to expand the recruitment and training of coaches in San Diego (4/16/19) $40,000.00
Mid-City Community Music, for after-school arts workshops (4/16/19) $35,000.00
A Step Beyond, for the Middle and High School Leadership Initiative (6/5/19) $30,000.00
MANA de San Diego, for strategic planning (6/5/19) $28,000.00
Tariq Khamisa Foundation, for Safe School Model Program (6/5/19) $25,000.00
TransFamily Support Services, for operating expenses (6/5/19) $7,500.00
Access Youth Academy, for its after-school program (6/5/19) $25,000.00
Interfaith Community Services, for its Transitional Youth Academy (TYA) program (7/24/19) $50,000.00
Just in Time for Foster Youth, for a Youth Services Manager at the new North County center (7/24/19) $30,000.00
Ocean Discovery Institute, for the Living Lab program in City Heights (7/24/19) $25,000.00
San Diego Junior Theatre, for headsets for the Casa del Prado Theatre (7/24/19) $17,000.00
San Diego Young Artist Music Academy, for student scholarships (7/24/19) $5,400.00
Traveling Stories, for a Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator (7/24/19) $25,000.00
New Children’s Musuem, for the Visitor Experience/Welcome Desk Project (9/23/19) $31,350.00
Boys & Girls Club of East County, for its American Career Launch program (9/23/19) $15,000.00
San Diego Children’s Choir, for its Outreach program (9/23/19) $25,000.00
III. Medical (6.59%)
UCSD EyeMobile for Children, for expansion of the community ophthalmology program for an additional 400 underserved preschool children for the 2018-2019 school year (10/30/18) $20,000.00
Rady Children’s Hospital, for Outdoor Outreach mental health collaborative (10/30/18) $48,000.00
San Ysidro Health, for the purchase of physical and occupational therapy equipment for its PACE program (1/29/19) $19,000.00
Challenge Center, for program support (6/5/19) $25,000.00
Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, for its Weekend Surgery program in San Diego County (9/23/19) $15,000.00
IV. Education (3.89%)
MAAC, for academic tools for the Community Charter School (10/30/18) $35,000.00
V. Community Activities and Misc. (16.21%)
Fieldstone Leadership Network, for general operations (12/14/18) $25,000.00
INFO LINE of San Diego (211 San Diego), for the Community Information Exchange (CIE) to continue to expand the number of network partners and cover data integration costs (4/16/19) $75,000.00
Kitchens for Good, loan for core operating expenses (6/5/19) $35,000.00
Kitchens for Good, for core operating expenses (6/5/19) $50,000.00
San Diego Food System Alliance, for the San Diego Food Vision 2030 project (6/5/19) $40,000.00
American National Red Cross, for the Home Fire Campaign (6/5/19) $25,000.00
San Diego Grantmakers, for Funders Together to End Homelessness San Diego ($50,000) and Annual Conference ($12,500) (7/24/19) $62,500.00
VI. Environment (7.96%)
4Walls International, to support staff costs and logistics related to finalizing the Border Impact Bond (1/29/19) $30,000.00
Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, to upgrade IT systems (6/5/19) $23,400.00
San Diego River Park Foundation, for construction of the San Diego River Discovery Center at Grant Park in Mission Valley (7/24/19) $100,000.00