Grant Making

Guidelines for Grant Recipients

Now that your grant has been approved . . . . . . . . . . . .

  1. Acknowledgment of Award Letter.Upon receipt of the Award Letter, please acknowledge it in writing. If there are conditions placed upon your grant, in your written acknowledgment, please confirm that you understand them and that they are satisfactory to you. Further, please acknowledge receipt of any grant payment in writing upon receiving it.
  2. Follow-up Report. We want to hear from you about the results of our grant. At a reasonable period of time following receipt of the grant, but in no event more than six months from its receipt, please provide to The Parker Foundation a concise written report about the project supported. The report shall concern information about the measured outcome of the project supported. It shall also include specific budget information concerning use of the grant funds. If the grant was for the purchase of certain equipment, please provide us with a copy of the paid invoice. Be candid. Inform us of your disappointments as well as your successes, and email your report (PDF format) to:
  3. Publicity. Generally speaking, The Parker Foundation does not seek recognition for itself. If we wish to honor individuals, including Mr. and Mrs. Parker, through a memorial grant, we’ll make that suggestion to you. On the other hand, if publicity about our grant will, in your opinion, help your organization and encourage others to support it as well, then we’ll be pleased for you to publicize the grant. Information concerning The Parker Foundation and the Parkers, suitable for use in press releases if you wish, is contained in our website.
  4. Plaques, Framed Certificates and What-Nots. We don’t have a trophy room and really don’t plan on acquiring one. A plaque or other memorabilia, including framed certificates, gather dust and–from our point of view– is a waste of your precious money. A letter of acknowledgment from you is sufficient for us, together, in due course, with the report we mentioned above.
  5. Future Support. Remember that it is not the policy of The Parker Foundation to provide continuous support for any project to the extent that the project becomes dependent upon The Parker Foundation for its continued existence. The approval of this grant does not necessarily carry with it the implication that future support will be forthcoming.
  6. Finally, congratulations! We are pleased to be partners with you in an endeavor, which we believe, will better the lives of the people of San Diego County. We hope that our interest in and enthusiasm for your good work will inspire and challenge you and be of almost as great a benefit as the grant funds themselves.