Grant Making

Follow Up Reports

As mentioned in the Guidelines for Grant Recipients, we want to hear from you to hear from you about the results of our grant.  Because we choose to minimize our expenses, which allow us to have a greater impact on the community, we do not require a formal follow-up site evaluation of the projects we support.  However, we are very eager to know how our dollars were spent and what the results of the investment are.  Too often, we get generic letters telling us about the overall health of the nonprofit, and not very much information about the project we supported.

At a reasonable period of time following receipt of the grant, but in no event more than six months from its receipt, please provide to The Parker Foundation a concise written report about the project supported.  

The report shall concern information about the measured outcome of the project supported.

It shall also include specific budget information concerning use of the grant funds.

If the grant was for the purchase of certain equipment, please provide us with a copy of the paid invoice.

We consider ourselves partners with community and in that light, we are eager to have honesty in our communications with grantees.  We really want to know what went well, what problems were encountered, and what lessons were learned.  We understand that sometimes the best plans are not realized and other times unexpected results happen.

Be candid.  Inform us of your disappointments as well as your successes!