Grant Making

Grant Making

The Parker Foundation is committed to partnerships with a wide variety of social, arts, community, and educational organizations in San Diego County. We succeed by virtue of the American dream and as such, we are able to share our good fortune with others in our community. The Parker Foundation provides its services to the community with minimal staff and a board consisting of individuals who contribute many hours of volunteer service.

The word “Philanthropy” is built upon the Greek words for “love” and “humanity.” Philanthropy and voluntarism are traditions that build social and cultural institutions (schools, hospitals, churches, art groups). Without giving, our communities, and we, would be diminished.

We celebrate the tradition of philanthropy and voluntarism that has helped create our sparkling community. And we celebrate one family, the Parkers, whose contribution continues to benefit all San Diegans.

If you are considering applying for a grant, the information under Grant Seekers will provide you with the information you will need.  If you have been successful in obtaining a grant, the information under Grant Recipients will aid you in providing us with relevant reporting information.

It may be useful to note that the board considered 232 requests during the fiscal year ending September 30, 2017, approving 66.13 grant requests were pending at the year’s end.