Parker Grant Application
Organization Information

Contact Information

Additional Information

Provide and attach one original document containing the following items outlined below.

A.  Narrative (should not exceed three pages- letterhead preferred)
  1. Describe use of funds/project
  2. Degree to which project is beneficial to San Diego
  3. Number of persons affected
  4. Provide method to support measurement of results
  5. Agree to provide six month report
  6. Describe your universe
  7. Signed by Executive Director
B.  Supporting Documents (in the order shown)
  1. Grant Proposal Cover Sheet (insert before narrative)
  2. Board of Directors List
  3. Budget for the Organization
  4. Budget for the Project (include source of funding- committed, conditional or potential)
  5. Annual Financial Report (latest Audited Financial Statement preferred or pertinent pages from latest Form 990)
  6. Financial Statement for most recent quarter YTD (Balance Sheet and Income Statement [an Income statement is also known as a Profit/Loss Statement])
  7. Financial Statements: a) Balance Sheet (Assets/Liabilities) for the most recent quarter, and b) Income Statement [an Income statement is also known as a Profit/Loss Statement] (Revenue/Expenses) from the end of the Annual Financial Report referenced in #5 above, to the latest quarter.
  8. IRS 501(c)(3) letter & FTB 23701(d) letter (you can obtain an FTB Entity Status letter @ “”)

The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 10MB (per document), with a total maximum size of 20MB for all documents. Although you can upload up to 3 PDF documents, we prefer you combine as many documents as possible into 1 PDF document.

When scanning documents, please scan in black and white to reduce the size of the files. Do not protect the document with a security passcode.

Adobe Acrobat is the recommended application for converting a document into PDF format and combining several PDF documents into 1 PDF document.

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