Success Stories

Mission Trails Regional Park

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Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation received a $10,000 Capacity Building grant from The Parker Foundation in 2014.

As a result of this grant, in 2016 Mission Trails was able to secure an additional $147,265 in grants from other organizations that allowed: 1) over 9,000 children in two years to participate in educational fieldtrips, including transportation, 2) 9 iPads to be purchased for City Rangers who manage the trails, 3) funding for trail and plant restoration following a 93 acre wildland fire in July, 2014, 4) an overnight camping experience for 6th graders in the San Diego Unified School District, which stopped funding the week-long camping program in the Laguna Mountains, and 5) a $72,265 grant for the Thornmint plant expansion.

Well done Mission Trails!  A wonderful example of the results from leveraging grant dollars.