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President’s Message 2017

Robbin Powell, the superb Chief Administrative Officer of The Parker Foundation has reminded me that it is again time to write a brief President’s message. So…. I scratch my head to think about what is new and might be of interest. And that is because the Foundation had made no significant changes in philosophy and therefore how we do our business.

We did welcome Victoria Reed as a new board member. Vicki has been active in the arts world and recently served as the chair of the San Diego city’s Commission for Arts and Culture.

Parker board members continue to participate in the collaboratives organized by the San Diego Grantmakers in the hopes that by working together we can more effectively meet the needs of the people of San Diego. Those words are the organizing principle of the foundation “to improve the lives of the people of San Diego” which allows us to fund a wide range of efforts and gives us flexibility in how we work with others.

It continues to be a pleasure for me to serve.

Judy McDonald